My current work explores phenomena: the unusual,
exceptional moments just on the edge of plausibility,
and occasionally beyond.

I am particularly interested in landscapes where there
is some evidence of human intervention, but nature
still dominates. I often sense a mysterious and compelling
power in these places, a haunting beauty. I want to put
form to that power, in hopes of getting a longer look
at it, understanding it a little better, and sharing it with
you. I draw from ideas of the sublime, but my
engagement is quieter, my glimpses and apprehensions
more subdued.

What I’m after in my work eludes a direct approach.
As it is with our vision in the dark, we can see objects
better by looking slightly to the side of them. It’s a
wonderful challenge, pursuing the peripheral. If it goes
just right I might capture something essential to its
nature, and as a result articulate a truth that is resonant
and significant.