RECENT WORK lc thumb the coast is clear thumb
bear skull rock thumb
campfire on flood tide thumb one night only thumb shantyraftthumb

x marks the spot thumb pacnw desert island sending the barrels point marker thumb treasure for the taking thumb wind trap thumb

harbor crossing thumb congratulations canyon thumb chicken coop thumb eagle kites thumb even on the most still days thumb just right thumb

good a place thumb alder stand thumb something in the road thumb its not romantic thumb cairn thumb occasionally thumb

visitation thumb heavy daytime moon thumb burnpile in the orchard thumb bird kite thumb four blue gables thumb footbridge thumb

alpine scene thumbnail dancefloor thumb the gettin place thumb a good time was had by all thumb every effort thumb ghost town thumb

moon lantern thumb hotel bar thumb oasis jonah whale mene western king

rorschach notorious more notorious most notorious bonfire rafted rowboats

tent city pier 29 thumb last light thumb second story addition thumb trojan horse thumb cap for mt st helens thumb

grand finale thumb collapsed shed thumb life on the cornice thumb windmills thumb general sense of well being thumb heavy seas thumb

seine shed thumb crossroads thumb calm storm thumb preservation thumb variable winds thumb something of a conclusion thumb

unlimited visibility thumb barn dance thumb ufo thumb every shots a postcard thumb limited palette thumb sky blue sky thumb

worth every minute thumb fish in a field thumb chandelier & bear galloping gertie thumb tacoma rail thumb titlow thumb

les davis pier thumb oak head thumb quantum thumb kicking horse thumb washington thumb

LESS RECENT WORK leaners thumb up to code thumb night and day thumb skybridge thumb evening sky thumb panorama thumb

the color helps thumb the billboard thumb barn in a field thumb housetree thumb houses on stilts thumb the little one thumb

three old buildings thumb mess o sheds thumb two for the show sign sky hut thumb three towers thumb

tall barn thumb the very top thumb row of sheds thumb